Taxi Insurance

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Taxi Insurance

Single Taxi

All types of individual taxi vehicles

Risks covered:

  • Taxi
  • Private Hire Insurance
  • Public Hire Insurance
  • London Mini Cabs
  • London Hackney Cabs
  • Multi vehicle


All chauffeur driven vehicles                                           

Risks covered:
Transport for special occasions including:

  • Chauffeur vehicles
  • Weddings cars
  • London Hackney Cabs
  • Funeral cars

Minibus / MPV

Risks covered:

  • Minibus
  • People Carriers
  • MPV’s

This policy is suitable for Charities, Education Establishments, Health or Welfare Organisations, Youth Groups, Commercial Organisations or General Sole Traders in many lines of business. It provides annual Comprehensive or TPF&T cover from between 1 and 4 vehicles on either a named driver or open driving basis.  

Basic acceptability:                                                                                                                                                   

  • Vehicles with between 5 and 17 seats (inc driver)
  • Company, Organisation or Sole Trader policyholder
  • Single or multiple vehicles on one policy
  • Up to 4 named drivers per vehicle (5 if policyholder is excluded)
  • Open driving for drivers aged 24 to 70 (25 to 70 for Hire and Reward risks)
  • UNPLATED Hire and Reward risks are welcome for vehicles with 10-17 seats
  • All vehicles are NCB rated


For all types of contract work

Risks covered:

  • School contracts
  • Health Authority contracts
  • Local Authority contracts and any other contract work

Taxi Fleet

Fleets of 3 or more vehicles

Risks covered:
Public and Private Hire cover including:

  • Taxi Fleet
  • Chauffeur Fleet
  • Funeral Fleet

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